Hello.  My name is April, and I have recently been accepted to UIC’s biomedical visualization (BVIS) program.  There are very few programs like it in the world, and I am so very fortunate to be here, learning about biomedical art in Chicago.

I suppose the best way to document my journey through BVIS is to start with how I became interested in doing biomedical visualization in the first place.  I’ve always loved to draw and create art, but never thought there was any future as an artist, so I decided to pursue biology, another one of my loves.  At some point around my sophomore year I started to wonder if there was a way I could combine the two. Then, about a year later, I took Painting and Drawing Botanicals with the wonderful Prof. Jane Neroni and figured out that indeed I could.  And here I am, and there is so much to learn, and I can’t wait.  This blog is meant to be my canvas, documenting my growth as a biomedical artist.  I hope you enjoy!

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