Presenting… The Shoulder

The project was to draw the anterior shoulder with ligaments and posterior shoulder with some of the rotator cuff muscles.  I would have posted it sooner but then the anatomy exam sucked all the energy from me and I needed a couple of days to recuperate.  Anyways, there are a few things on here I would like to correct when I get it back.  I found out on this project that light 2H detail gets lost on scanning, so besides adding some more mid-tones, I do need to correct the position of the trapezoid ligament (it doesn’t wrap around the coracoid process) and the tendons of the muscles on the humerus (which do wrap around).

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be making posts a little bit more regularly now because I am so excited to have a blog (my first) and I already have some ideas for posts floating around in my head.  Cheers.

project 1

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