Mid-semester Reflections

Today I was sitting in the studio with a class mate, working on our most recent project when I turn to her and say something to the effect of “Wow, fat is really hard to draw!”  Wait, did I really said that?  Yes I did.  Who would have thought that I would one day be having a serious conversation about drawing fat globules on viscera?

Strange as it sounds, scenarios like this have become normal for me.  I’m constantly reminding myself that I am both fortunate and part of a select few who get the opportunity to dissect a human body.  It didn’t even faze me when we were instructed to dig around in the viscera to find this artery or that nerve and I can now attest to the fact that everyone’s’ bodies are quite unique.  Some people have vessels or muscles where others have none, and some people lack certain structures altogether.  It makes me wonder what anomalies I have.  Not only do the bodies differ anatomically, but in things like smell too.  You’d think that one cadaver would smell like the rest, however I can’t smell our group’s body anymore but going over to other tables I find their bodies to smell different, and sometimes repulsive, and yet on the first day of lab, the smell got to me so badly that I felt dizzy.  It is amazing what the brain can both block out and pick up I guess.

I have also found that anatomy is seeping into all sorts of areas of my life right now.  I find myself identifying structures on strangers as they walk or on buff male models in cloths adds, or interjecting anatomy comments into conversations where realistically the people I’m talking to could probably care less.  Indeed, for the moment, this is what life has become for me.  Am I obsessed?  Is anatomy sucking away at my life essence?  Perhaps, but I find the artfully crafted machine that is the human body to be both amazing and beautiful in its complexity.

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