“Simple Line Drawing” not so simple

Our last project was to do three line drawing on tracing paper: one of surface anatomy of the torso, one of the skeleton of the torso, and then two organs within the torso, then combine them digitally with Photoshop.  My first thought was that this would be a nice easy project.  I started out using a combination of anatomy texts and ‘anatomy for the artist’ texts.  However, when I finished, I realized that the anatomy was too off for me to be happy with it.  I hadn’t realized that if you change one thing, you’d have to adjust for it on every other layer.  So I redid this project and am much more happy with it. I chose to portray the liver and lungs because those two organs most define the boundaries of the diaphragm.  I’ll show you the before and after drawings, though I don’t think I’ll take the time here to point out all the anatomical inconsistencies of the first drawing.


the first draft


the second and final draft

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