Reverse Graffiti

Its been called reverse graffiti as well as clean graffiti and it seems that two artists are using this cool new art form to send their messages.  Both Paul Curtis, aka Moose, from Leeds and Alexandre Orion from Sao Paulo create public art by cleaning off the grime left by motorists from sidewalks and tunnel walls.  Moose uses more stencils and creates adds, whereas Alexandre’s art has a more environmental message and is done free hand, not to say that Moose’s art doesn’t also have an environmental undertone.  It would be hard not to have some environmental undertones with an art form that involves cleaning up grime.  Both seem to have invoked similar responses from their local governments though.  It seems that the governments view both artist’s work as any other type of graffiti and therefore an act of vandalism.  Though the police failed at arresting Alexandre Orion for cleaning public property, Moose did get charged under the Anti-Social Behaviour Act.  The Guardian reports the response of Leeds city council:

“Leeds residents want to live in clean and attractive neighbourhoods, and expect their streets to be free of graffiti and illegal advertising.

“We also view this kind of rogue advertising as environmental damage and will take strong action against any advertisers carrying out such campaigns without the relevant permission.”

The works of both artists were soon cleaned away by the authorities.

Anyways, here are some images from the work of both artists:

First, works from Moose:


And now for Alexandre Orion’s work:

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