Fun at the Field Museum

As part of my research project, I’ve been comparing skeletal anatomy of modern small mammals in the Field Museum archives. This is pretty much a dream come true for me. I have always loved museums with a passion and now I get behind-the-scenes access! So far I’ve only explored the marsupial section for my research, but there are four floors of specimens! Here are some pictures because I can’t fathom that there is a person out there who doesn’t want to see behind the scenes at a museum.

A drawer of Monodelphis specimens

Comparing a replica of Kryptobaatar's humerus (at 10x scale) with that of Dasyurus maculatus (spotted-tail quoll). Turns out they aren't really as similar as I had hoped.

The monotreme drawers.


I have saved the best for last. While looking through the Australian marsupials, I stumbled across this amazing specimen. A thylacine! That’s right, I came across a Tasmanian Tiger pelt and skull! For anyone who doesn’t know, the thylacine was hunted to extinction because they were thought to be a nuisance to sheep and cattle. The last wild thylacine was killed in 1930.

I stumbled upon a thylacine skull and skin!

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