Final Animations from Spring 2012

So, spring semester of 2012 is over, summer is on its way, and I have several animations to post to bring this blog up to date. I took two animation classes this past semester, a Maya class that focused on dynamics, and general animation class that focused on adding to and cleaning up my portfolio and creating a demo reel.

I’ve mentioned my flower animation before. It’s filled with nCloth, even though it’s subtle in some places. It opens with a realistic scene, where I used mostly architectural textures and environmental lighting from an hdri map. The rest of the animation I wanted to be more stylized and look a bit like an illustration. I got the flower textures from dissecting a sorbonne lily and scanning the parts. Fun fact, flower cross-sections look really cool:

… And here is the finished project:


And lastly, here is my final demo reel. I don’t have too much to say about it, since I’ve mentioned most of the pieces before here on my blog.


The question I’ve been most confronted with lately is, “What are your plans for summer?” I delayed graduating this month to give myself the summer to complete my research project, which I hope to be finished with by mid July. This will be taking up the bulk of my time, but I certainly have a bunch of other projects I want to touch on. Some of the other projects I have set for myself is to create a mobile friendly version of my website, learn ZBrush, and play some more with dynamics and MEL scripting in Maya. And then there are the piping competitions (yes, I have been playing bagpipes since I was about 11) that also take up quite a bit of time. So, in conclusion, I have a busy summer set for myself, but at least it’s filled with a bunch of fun things! Oh, and I forgot to mention job hunting. That’s important too.

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