Life after BVIS: a new chapter

I created this blog early in my studies at UIC to track my progress through BVIS. I have now graduated and cheerfully entered a new phase of my life. Now I must ask myself what should this blog become. Perhaps it will be a medium to share interesting and insightful art and science as well as a place to showcase my own work. More on that later.

Now on to what my life has become as a BVIS graduate. I have had the extremely good fortune of being offered the position of Scientific Illustrator for Dr. Zhe-Xi Luo’s lab at the University of Chicago. I became familiar with Luo’s work while working on my research project about multituberculate forelimb movement. Luo’s work focuses on mesozoic mammals. You can see the lab’s mission statement here. The work I will be doing for him includes illustrations (mostly digital) and using programs such as Mimics to extract CT scanned specimens. I would like to note, however, that I am still open for commissioned work, as this position is only considered part-time. Please do contact me with inquiries for commissioned work.

As awesome and fulfilling as the work is, it may be some time before I can share any of my work from the Luo lab here. I will not be posting illustrations before they are officially published, but when I do, I plan to talk a bit about the science and decisions behind the illustrations too. In the meantime, I hope to continue doing art for personal growth, and that I will be able to share here.

In conclusion, life is good. I have emerged from BVIS with a fantastic job filled with potential.

Until next time…

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