Chrysochloris Anatomy Reference

About the scan
    This CT scan was provided to the Luo Lab by the folks at Digimorph, located at the University of Texas Austin. Many thanks to them and their public database. Chrysochloris (golden mole) has pronounced digging adaptations, such as broad but short hands, powerful forelimbs (note the large lever arm created by the olecranon process and large scapula), and a shovel-like snout. The original information about this scan can be found here. These images were created using the segmentation software Mimics.
Why I’m sharing
    I’m sharing this because I have found it very useful, both from an artistic and an anatomical point of view. I find it particularly interesting to see how the muscle mass sits on the bone, particularly around the snout. It is also good to note the volume of hair and skin. I hope others can find these following images useful.
ant_01 lat_04 lat_03 lat_02 lat_01 ant_04 dors_02 dors_01 ant_03 ant_02

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