PaleoArt Community List – building a paleoart community

For as small and specialized as the field of paleo art and paleo illustration is, it is both surprising and a shame that there isn’t a stronger community among the people involved in this field. At last year’s SVP (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology) conference I introduced myself to several other artists and most agreed with this sentiment. In an attempt to start the community building process, using the preparators group within SVP as a model, Erin Fitzgerald and I have started a PaleoArt Community List listserv.


I copy the group’s statement below, but the foundation of this group is that it is a place to build connections, ask questions, and share insights and resources. It is not a place to criticize people or their work, though constructive criticism is welcome when asked.


PaleoArt Community List Statement:
Welcome to the Paleoart Community List, We are glad that you are interested in this community of artists around the world. Our goal is to bring Paleoartists, illustrators, painters, sculptors, both professional and amateur, together seeking support, advice and interest in Paleoart. Over the years myself and other colleagues have found a lack of support in the Paleoart community and would like to see some change take place. For the respect of others, we ask that this list not be a place for showcasing art, but rather for giving advice and helping those finding dead end roads to questions a place they can turn for guidance. That being said, we strongly encourage conversations that pertain to the advancement of skills and the support of learning a main objective. This list is a private and monitored place; racial, gender, sexual and any other form of harassment will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited and will result in being removed from the group. Personal attacks against and negative criticism against others and their artwork will also not be tolerated. This a place for respectful conversations only! Feel free to post a paragraph about yourself so we get to know you a little better.


If you would like to join, email a request to

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